Snipe Recipes

Below are some snipe recipes worthy of your consideration. I won't claim to have tried them all but I have prepared a few of the dishes. In some cases I used the recipes as I found them and with a few others I have experimented by varying the recipe to differing degrees. If you have some snipe and aren't sure what to do with them I am sure you will be able to find something in this section that will serve as a good basis for a great meal that you will enjoy. If you have a recipe you would like to share please send it via email to

How To Clean A Snipe
Snipe Wrapped In Bacon
Crock Pot Snipe And Chops
Georgia Brandied Snipe
New England Roast Snipe Lyonnaise
Snipe And Wild Rice
Snipe And Fried Potatoes
Snipe Cake
Broiled Snipe
Snipe Breast Mediterranean
Simple Roasted Wood Duck
Pan Roasted Snipe
Dave's Favorite Snipe Recipe
Snipe Stroganoff
Roasted Wood Duck And Stuffing
Oven Braised Snipe
Seaboard Broiled Snipe
Missouri Snipe
Snipe Almondine

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