Bacon Wrapped Snipe

By far I have cooked more snipe wrapped in bacon than any other way. It is the simplest thing you can do with a snipe breast and everyone likes them cooked that way. You can be as adventurous as your imagination allows or you can add nothing at all and you will still be very pleased with the results.

If you like them spicy you might try one of these. I have used Grill Mates Spicy Montreal Steak seasoning from McCormick and Tony Chachere's Original Creole seasoning and I like them both. Tucking a slice of jalapeno pepper under the bacon is also popular and will add some kick to it and you could also stuff the pepper with cheese.

I have used bacon wrapped snipe breasts to make mini kabobs. The toothpick that holds the bacon on can serve as a skewer for one or more pieces of tomato, onion, green or red pepper, mushroom, squash, etc.

There are several ways to cook them and everyone will have their favorite. An oven broiler will work but it is my least favorite. Better than that is a grill, but my favorite choice is a cast iron griddle. The solid surface and direct heat of the griddle are what I feel give it the advantage.

As I am heating my griddle to 450 degrees I wrap each breast in half of a slice of bacon. I start at the middle of the breast and end up at the same place. You don't have to wrap the bacon tight because it will shrink and you also don't want the bacon to overlap more than it has to. Otherwise the bacon underneath won't be cooked when the snipe is done. The toothpick should go next to the breastbone so it is sticking straight up when the breast is facing up. That is important for even cooking. When I have all my breasts wrapped and my griddle is hot I place them on it first with the back against the griddle. They will cook on that side for three minutes. Next I rotate them 1/3 of a turn so one half of the breast is down on the griddle. The toothpick will help keep them from rotating too far. If you have made mini kabobs and you have veggies on the toothpick one side of them will now also be against the griddle surface. After three minutes on that side you rotate them again 1/3 of a turn so the other half of the breast is against the griddle as well as the veggies if you are using any. When they have been on the third side for three minutes they will be done.

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