Snipe And Fried Potatoes

Here is another recipe that is easy and contains ingredients you already have on hand. In addition to your snipe breasts all you need is a couple of potatoes sliced 1/4" - 3/8" thick, a steamed vegetable or two of your choice, minced onion, and Lowry's seasoned salt.

Start with the snipe since they will take the longest time to cook. Preheat your over on bake to 350 degrees. Space the snipe breasts out in a shallow metal baking pan and cover liberally with minced onion. Lightly salt and pepper and they are ready to go. Cover with foil and bake for 25 minutes. After they have cooked you will want to brown the meat and onions. When you take the snipe breasts out turn your oven to broil. (Now is a good time to start heating the water for your steamed vegetables) Now remove the foil that is covering the birds and place them back in the oven. They should be nice and brown in about five minutes.

Next you will want to start steaming your vegetable(s). They should be finished cooking about the same time as the snipe and before the potatoes. When they are cooked drain the water, cover, and set them to the side.

After you get the vegetables started it is time to start cooking the potatoes. They should already be sliced so spread them out and sprinkle Lowry's seasoned salt on the side facing up. I like for the potatoes to cook quickly but not be so thin that they get crisp like chips. Add enough oil to cover the bottom of your frying pan. You can use canola, vegetable, peanut, or whichever oil you prefer depending on your preference. When the oil is hot (and it is important that it is or the potatoes will soak it up like a sponge) carefully lay the potato slices in the pan with the seasoned side down. They can be touching but you don't want them to stack or they will not cook evenly. Now sprinkle the side facing up with Lowry's. After three minutes flip them over with a small spatula and cook the other side for three more minutes or until they are done. Potatoes cool quickly and they aren't good cold. Time it so they are last to finish cooking.

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